Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Those Boys...

Will went with Jack and me to
> the ortho clinic. They lit up everyone’s morning in the waiting room
> as they entertained and introduced themselves to everyone there. Jack
> was waving and saying Hey to an older couple, and as soon as they
> acknowledged him, he high-tailed it over to them lifting his arms up
> to be picked up. The older gentleman picked him and bounced him on his
> leg “like the horsey.” Jack thought it was so funny. Then Will took
> out his Woody doll and told everybody who he was and some story that
> he made up about where Woody’s daddy was and how Buzz was at his
> MeMaw’s old house. I’m not sure they could understand him, so they
> just nodded and said Uh Huh. They both waved and said Bye to the older
> couple as they were called to the back. Then when we made it back,
> Jack was all smiles until the saw came out to cut his cast off. He didn’t
like that noisy thing, but Will stepped up to hold his hand.
> He kept saying “It’s al-wight, Jack. It’s al-wight.” He was able to
> get Jack to grin and make funny faces to distract him. With the cast
> off, he got his xray and then I let him walk around while we waited on
> the doctor. He was running all over that room, so I was thinking we
> were good to go. Then, the doctor came in to say that he could see a
> faint line of a fracture below Jack’s knee, so to be cautious he
> needed to put the cast back on for another week and a ½. L This time
> we went with a green one. He went back to school, and Will who was
> feeling much better with his stomach decided he didn’t want to go to
> school since he heard me say that I’d have to stay home with him
> earlier that morning. So, he and I made our way to my office, and he
> talked to everyone he passed. He was so fascinated with the nativity
> scene and had to talk to baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, that wise man, that
> wise man, and that wise man, and that camel right “thay-er.” He asked
> the women at the elevator, “where you goin?” She told him and then he told
her he was going to his mama’s office up “thay-er.” As she left, he said
“have a good day!!”
> Needless to say, after breakfast and some toy playing, he had enough
> of office time, so he asked to go back to school to see his friends.
> Those boys…

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